Volunteer Databases: Support of the community, government, corporate houses and NGOs will be vital in setting up volunteer databases. Volunteer databases could also be created for specialised help, like physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, trained caregivers, scribes etc.

Volunteer: Soulfree welcomes all those who wish to volunteer time, expertise & resources to support and encourage the soulfree cause.

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Create a more inclusive society: Be the change by being open to the positively-abled; Befriend, employ, uplift, empower & create wheelchair-friendly spaces.

Spread the word: Unite with us to pioneer a positive revolution for disability rights in India & bring your friends along.

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Donate: Whatever resources you wish to share with Soulfree shall be used sincerely and constructively.

Invite: Preethi is an incredible person, and a consummate inspirational speaker. Encourage your institution or corporate house to invite her for a talk that is sure to be as motivational as it is moving.

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